About KIRSH Paint Slinger Shootout

2019 Queen of the Paint Slingers – Jody Perewitz

About the Shootout Artists

The KIRSH Paint Slinger Shootout celebrates the paint artisans that are integral in the custom motorcycle industry. The show highlights the incredible creativity from artists with painting, airbrushing, pinstriping and tattooing skills.

The artist’s palette is the innovative KIRSH CHM-1 DOT-certified half-shell motorcycle helmet. Artists say that helmets are The Helmet is 100% America-made.

Each helmet will feature a unique design.

By sponsoring the competition, KIRSH Helmets is supporting the motorcycle industries’ painters, illustrators, tattoo artists and artisans to do what they do best, create outstanding works of art.

“Sometimes subtle and reflective, sometimes outrageous and beautiful, but always reflecting our industries’ Kulture of transformation, the KIRSH Paint Slinger Shootout art changes you whether you know it or not,” explained Joan Simmons, KIRSH Helmets VP Sales and Marketing.

About KIRSH Paint Slinger Shootout Awards

The artists are competing for $1,000 award provided by KIRSH Helmets and a 6 pack of helmets with their design. To meet the artists, click here. To get to know the lowest-profile, toughest, and most-effective DOT-certified half-shell motorcycle helmet in the WORLD, click here for details. Click here to see the winners of the previous contests.

About KIRSH Helmet’s Fluid Displacement Liner

KIRSH Helmet’s mission is to produce the BEST AMERICAN MADE MOTORCYCLE HELMET & provide Style, Safety, Comfort & Improved Performance

KIRSH Helmet’s patented technology offers an impressive display of versatility, at both low and high-energy impacts, from any direction, at any one point in time, and in relation to repeatability (i.e., multiple impacts). Additionally, KIRSH Helmet’s testing sees the potential for decreasing rotational forces applied to the brain on angular acceleration due to the reduction of the contact point lever arm. This shows a tremendous potential to improve the way kinetic energy is handled inside our helmet.

Using a hard outer shell with a patented fluid displacement liner on the interior, the half-shell helmet better distributes the energy from a potential impact than traditional helmets, which have softer shells and thicker, stiff Styrofoam compression.